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Neptune Logistics Co.,Ltd Guangzhou branch can provide professional railway services from China to Centre Asia, Russia, Belarus, and Europe.
15 years' experiences in international railway services!!! We are specialist in International Railway Logistics.

One belt, one road / China Express train (FCL / LCL):
1. To Moscow (Russia):
From Guangzhou: 15-18 days
From Dongguan: 16 days
From Suzhou / Nanjing (close to Shanghai): 12-14 days

2. To Poland (Warsaw):
From Wuhan / Chengdu / Changsha / Suzhou / Dongguan: 14-16 days

3. To Hamburg (Germany):
From Wuhan / Chengdu / Changsha / Suzhou / Dongguan: 17-18 days

4. To Minsk (Belarus)
From Changsha / Shenyang / Shenzhen: 14-16 days

5. To Lyons (France)From Wuhan: 16-18 days
6. To Budapest(Hungary)From Changsha: 14 days
7. To MadridFrom Yiwu: 19-20 days
8. To AfghanistanFrom Yiwu: 15 days

Normal train from China:
To Russia: 25-30 days
To Kazakhstan Uzbekistan: 20-25 days
To Mongolia: 15-18 days
To Tajikistan Turkmenistan Kyrgyzstan: 28-35 days

If you are interested in our rates or want to try to cooperate with us, please write to me.

We are engaged in railway, auto, air, sea and consolidation from / transit of China to Europe, Central Asia, Russia and Mongolia. 

Head Office: Shenzhen 

Branch in China: Guangzhou , Shanghai , Tianjin, Lianyungang, Chengdu,

Branch at overseas: Almaty, Tashkent, Moscow.