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The Neptune logistics devotes to the railway transportation and the international multimodal transport service in China, Commonwealth of Independent States area, Turkish, Iranian, the Middle East and the Europe , our specialized staff of the international railway multimodal transport has higher specialized knowledge and the experience, can properly carries on all the complex and the non-conventional transportation demand. After many years development, now .we have established the remarkable service network in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Latvia, Armenia, Iran and so on . We own more than 2000 containers, therefore, can help customer remarkably save transportation cost, between European, the Middle East, the Far East, Iranian, Chinese, Afghan and Commonwealth of Independent States area.to guarantee the competitive and reliable of the transportation charges as well as the fluency.of local service .

Our international railway service includes:

International container railway and wagon transportation services , Entry Inspection and declaration of All the place Provides the reliable tracking information for the cargo on the way Make and mail the operational document, including Commonwealth of Independent States delivery certificate

The concentrated declaration and the declaration service of the travelling and buying Using the high security seal and the linearity locks to guarantee the cargo safe

Neptune Logistics is one of the earliest company that provides international railway transport services in China Based on the solid foundation, it opens up and develops the international railway transport service for consolidation cargo. we are the first carrier who is launching international railway transport LCL cargo service in China, And set up the professional image "the railway transport LCL experts".

1: innovation service: international railway transport LCL cargo from China to Russia, Mongolia and CIS
2 perfect network: Neptune logistics has perfect network service in Russia, CIS, Mongolia, Armenia and so on.
3: convenient, we provide door delivery service, stable delivery time.
4: normal operation: FCL, decrease the intermediate links, and reduce costs for you to improve efficiency.
5: wide coverage: all major cities in China, Hong Kong,Taiwan, Korea, Japan, southeast Asia, and other countries can take over goods.

In view of the purchase item of international trade, relying on the powerful agency network, we provide the following services for the special customer:

Agent on customer ,make risk assessment of the suppliers ,assess the qualification and actual production of the supplier, and show the evaluation report.

Agent on customer , manage the payment and goods of purchasing
To assist customers - transfer the ownership of purchased goods and supervision.
To assist customers seek more qualified supplier.
To assist customers - examine goods, supervision and show inspection report.

We always listen carefully to customer needs, for a small amount of goods, or can not be transported by air cargo,

we have introduced China to the Central Asian region, from the door to the warehouse pairs of clearance bulk transportation services, Every day , flexible and fast, and no mater how small pieces of cargo can be delivered for you quickly.

The Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Co.,Ltd are maintaining long-term. good, and stable cooperation with many world-class outstanding boating companies, reling on its global network, providing the customer. with Perfect, specialized, omni-directional marine transportation service. Our main superiority route includes:

  • European/Mediterranean Sea route

  • Black Sea/east route

  • Baltic Sea/Russia route

  • Middle East/India and Pakistan

  • Red Sea route

  • South America route

  • African route

Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Co.,Ltd fully integrate the outstanding proxy network in the world.It provides the customer International multimodal transport service and comprehensive logistics plan (sea .railroad transport; sea ,land transport and so on) to get tothe interior area or the remote districts where the sole transport mode is unable to arrive, provides the customer "one-stop" transportation service. Therefore, the customer need not worry about the transfer . A consignment, a settlement, a ticket,we are responsible for the entire route.

International Air Services our goal is to create omni- directional and three-dimensional logistics service in Russia andthe Commonwealth of Independent States logistics market,. The international air transport has become a crucial factor in the supply chain.it is also an important part of Neptunelogistics business. Our company has international air transport agent qualification and professional international freight operation team. We are agents of CZ, KC, HY in China south, east regional agents, and ,we have established good relationships with SU, 9D and toshimi koitabashi airlines.