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Shenzhen—Astana Charter service (For ZTE )


Project operation summary

Neptune's chartered airplane (Boeing 747-200) arrived in Astana International Airport timely and safely on August,10th of 2014.Till this point, Neptune Logistics had completed the transportation scheme design, charter confirmation with airline company, application of international temporary routes & navigation in just five days, which seemingly to be impossible task . Since from ZTE informed us the charter requirements, Neptune's team quickly completed the route design, which made us outstanding in the afterwards competition of the bid and won the acceptance of ZTE.

The challenge we overcome

Since there were no direct flight lines from Shenzhen to Kazakhstan before, according to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration and the airline company, generally we need to submit written routes and navigation application 15 days in advance. However, due to urgent customer demand, the application of new routes & navigation needs to be done in just five days. Neptune's airline team made much effort on the coordination about the operation details. This charter case is not only difficult but also pressed for time. Except for the weekends, we have only three days to do communication and coordination work. Neptune Logistics, with its rich experience in air charter operation, immediately get in touch with aviation ground services company, Shenzhen Bao'an airport command center & the Bao'an airport customs to communicate about operation program in the case that the charter cargo information had not yet been fully obtained. At the same time, we quickly passed the information received from the customer to the relevant departments, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth completion of this project.

Customer evaluation

Neptune Logistics has always been the important partners of ZTE, this cooperation on air chartered transport, has won consistent praise from ZTE delivery team again in the field of charter flight service.

Project pictures


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