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Staff is the core of the provision of services, human development of the company's first position, the human resources department will not only organize management skills and team building and continuous development of talent, skills improvement and other aspects of the training program as the company's daily work, Happy experience in the first place. "Happy work, elegant life" is the core goal of our team building. And we are proud of ourselves and have a team of combat effectiveness.




Application for General Information of the Company

General matters

    First, the application form must be filled in BLOCK LETTERS.

    2. If the applicant is invited to interview or obtain a record, he shall submit a copy of all the relevant supporting documents and produce the original copy for verification.

    Third, the initial selection of the applicant, will be invited to participate in the interview. In general, if no further information has been received within two weeks of the interview, the applicant may have applied for the application.

    4. In general, if any notice of the Company has not been received within one month after the date of application as set out in the job advertisements, the applicant may, if his application has been unsuccessful.

    5. If the applicant agrees, the Company will retain the personal data of the unaccounted applicants for a period of up to six months. During the period if the other departments have the appropriate vacancy, the applicant's information may be transferred to the relevant departments for reference. If the relevant department intends to consider the application, the company will first consult the applicant, and then make the appropriate arrangements.

    6. In the recruitment of staff, the Company implements an equal opportunity policy to ensure that persons with disabilities have equal access to employment with other persons. When two or more job seekers have the same entry requirements (if necessary, also apply to physical requirements), people with disabilities will be given priority. Under the same conditions, the city laid-off workers will also be given priority;

Overview of service conditions

    1. Applicants who are admitted will be employed in the form of temporary contracts (less than two years).

    Second, according to the different departments and positions, there is a corresponding salary standards; staff entry salary is based on their qualifications and work experience may be, under normal circumstances, the staff will be based on the salary scale of their posts yearly annual salary increase ( Until the highest salary point of the salary scale is reached. The arrangement is based on the performance of the department in charge of the performance of the staff.

    3. Employee benefits include pension, paid leave (one week), medical treatment, travel reimbursement, and salary of 13 months a year. Operations, documents, finance and other departments usually work five and a half a week, there are departments have implemented Saturday shift or flexible working hours system. In general, employees work seven and a half hours a day, working less than 40 hours a week. Due to the particularity of the logistics industry, some jobs need to work more than 40 hours, this work included in the corresponding performance appraisal, and the company no longer calculate the overtime pay. Statutory holidays need to pay overtime companies will pay 3 times the usual wages and other subsidies.

    4. Employees are required to comply with the company's rules and regulations, all rules and regulations, to be public or signed by employees, or employees may be considered not subject to this rule.

    The above is a brief description of the information provided by those who wish to apply for the position of the Company and not for the purpose of interpreting the details of the terms of the "Labor Contract" of any employment contract. In addition, the Company reserves the right to amend and determine exceptions. Anyone who has been recruited will carefully read the "Labor Contract" and its associated contract.