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Ocean Logistics has been committed to the pursuit of people, businesses, social and natural harmony and progress, in every place of operation are doing their best to fulfill social responsibility. This is not only rooted in our culture, but also through our safety and environmental practice to be strictly enforced.


Our first priority is to make a hundred percent commitment to safety and environmental protection, and repeatedly confirmed that through our actions fully embodied.

In order to be healthy around everyone, we will strictly abide by our safety and environmental regulations whenever and wherever we are.

Will never let everyone around you in their own safety and environmental protection practice to make any concessions.


Railway transport and environmental protection:

On the future, ocean logistics only choose a way - sustainable development, rail transport with low energy consumption, pollution, transport capacity, all-weather and other comparative advantages, energy conservation and environment-friendly means of transport. A set of data from Clean Cargo shows that rail transport can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 95% compared to trucks and freighters.