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Ocean Logistics has a strong engineering capacity of logistics capacity integration capacity, through the accumulation of more than 10 years to establish a sound service network, over the years engaged in various types of project logistics operations, for different customer needs a comprehensive comprehensive analysis to provide a sound Transport program, careful response measures, supplemented by co-ordination, field supervision, has accumulated a wealth of experience in the implementation of the project to ensure that major engineering equipment to the safest and most economical way of transport from the destination to the destination. Ocean Logistics has a team of experienced project logistics experts and through the ISO 9000: 2008 quality system certification of standardized operations to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

As an international multimodal transport expert, Ocean Logistics can provide a comprehensive project logistics solution based on the needs of the project and the customer. Project logistics services, including the railway, highway, river, sea, air and other modes of transport as well as domestic and foreign customs clearance, destination delivery, large pieces in place and other services. Services include, power and energy projects, oil and gas refining projects, construction projects and so on.

Ocean Logistics delivers a wide variety of vehicles from China to the rest of the world every year. Transport tools include ro-ro ships and general cargo ships, with extensive operational experience and good cooperation with many ro-ro ships and cargo owners Relationship, to provide customers with more professional and more economical vehicle transport services. Ocean Logistics is rich in heavy pieces and scattered grocery experience, from steel structure to major pieces of machinery and equipment can provide you with professional services. Each voyage according to the needs of the goods need to choose the type of ship. We will work with customers according to the needs of various types of products to choose economic and safe professional operation.